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3514 State Street • Erie, PA • 16508 • 814-454-5201 •

Pam Forsyth has managed the NBC, CBS & CW affiliates in Erie since April 2011 and also co-manages One Caribbean Television for Puerto Rico and most of the Caribbean. Before being named General Manager, Pam spent more than two decades as an integral part of the sales team at WICU.

You have accomplished so much in your career, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my role and appointment as General Manager at Lillyís NBC-CBS-CW outpost in Erie, because only one in seven GMs in the US are women. The staff is so talented here, and I am very excited and honored to be in this position.

What are some of your most memorable work experiences?

I have always had a passion for traveling, and even lived in Sweden for a year as an exchange student during High School. I recently had the opportunity to be part of an international exchange program with TV9, a Station in the Republic of Georgia.

This program is in cooperation with the US government and the Georgian government and helps improve the progress of Georgian local TV stations. It involves travel between the two countries, and I have enjoyed this chance to both teach and learn about the TV industry. Iíve also made some great Georgian friends.

How do you give back to the community?

I love being part of a company that is so involved. When I am not working, I stay active in the community, sitting on the executive boards of The March of Dimes, The United Way, The Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter Schools, and the Perry 200 planning committee. I am active with NAMI, and I also volunteer for several other nonprofit organizations.

What has lead to where you are today?

My family has played a vital role in who I am today. I grew up in a sales oriented family where my father was VP of Sales for an Erie-based sign company. I longed to follow in his footsteps as a child and quickly took to sales and management ó in Radio, Hotel and finally TV. Iím a people-person, like my dad; I love having a job that requires personal interaction.

My family continues to form my existence. Now, I have the benefit of spending time with my two children, my daughter-in-law, and my five grandchildren. Time with family gives me energy, and helps me keep life in perspective.

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