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1101 Peninsula Drive • Erie, PA • 16505 • 814-836-0070 •

Amy Cuzzola-Kern owns and operates the massively popular west-side fresh grocer, Frankie & May. Old-fashioned neighborhood charm mixed with big-city flavor creates an irresistible recipe that begs for a second helping. Cuzzola-Kern is also well respected for her work with the Erie non-profit community and contributions to local charitable causes.

What is the most important aspect that you bring to the business?

At Frankie & May Fresh Grocer, we are committed to our ideals of fresh, local, delicious food that’s good for you. It’s important that everything in our store reflects our beliefs. Somewhere along the line, many people have forgotten the importance and fun involved in the way we shop, cook and eat. We value good food from a good source, and we enjoy selecting the best.

What sets the quality of your food apart from your competitors?

About 80% of what we sell is sourced from local farmers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our store is not about the industrial food complex; at Frankie & May we value good food. We strive to stock products that are natural or organic and minimally processed. Our meat and dairy products are hormone and antibiotic free. Offering simpler food of the highest quality is important to us. We want our customers to cook and take pleasure in their food.

Tell us about the cooking classes…

At Frankie & May we believe anyone can cook. Our classes provide customers with the highest-quality ingredients and skillful instructors – so they can learn more about the food they want to cook and eat. Whether we’re doing hand-made pasta, a gourmet feast, or perfecting cooking techniques, at Frankie & May we gather with good food, a glass of wine, and have fun. I’m so happy when a customer tells me about attending a cooking class, eating well, and enjoying themselves – that’s what it’s all about!

How do you give back to the community?

At Frankie & May we value being part of the Erie community. Erie is where our customers live, work and play. Partnerships are important to us and we proudly support local efforts to improve the community. We trade expertise with local businesses, make charitable contributions to Erie nonprofits, and support local happenings. “Good for you. Good for your Community” is our tagline and we try and live it every day. Our customers are our friends, our families, and our neighbors. Giving back to them is a crucial part of our success.

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