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2340 East 38th Street • Erie, PA • 16510 • 814-825-2727 •

Kaycee Osiecki-Waisielewski is Vice President of The Original Breakfast Place and daughter of owner Terri Carter. Kaycee manages the operational side of the business taking on tasks ranging from Human Resources to Public Relations. Kaycee was a hair stylist in Erie for many years before she made the decision to work side-by-side with her mother.

How did you start working at the restaurant?

I initially started as a third shift manager. Then shortly after my mother presented me with the opportunity to become her Vice President. Working here everyday gives me a sense of pride, and that one day I may have the opportunity to pass this business on to my daughter. I grew up in the restaurant industry, it just sort of “fits.”

What do you do as Vice President of The Original Breakfast Place?

I developed a passion for the operational side of the business working one-on-one with our vendors, and assisting my mother and managing our restaurant. I enjoy doing our Web design and working with our database on our computer system. I guess you could say I am my mother’s “right-hand man.” We make a good team with her experience in the restaurant industry and my experience with computers, advertisement and sales.

What are some of your best memories working with your mom in the restaurant?

As a child of a single mother it was a daily routine to get up and go to work with my mom. I would get up and eat breakfast at the restaurant, and most of the time one of the waitresses would drive me to school. Some of my greatest childhood memories are being in the restaurant with my mom. I used to think it was so cool to help her clear and set up the tables. A lot of our customers now will say “I remember you when you were just a baby.” They watched me grow as they followed my mother to any new endeavor. It is an honor to be at her side now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

What are the next plans for The Original Breakfast Place?

Our motto is to work hard and play hard… Our hope is to have a legacy to pass on to my beautiful daughter Lillianna Rose. We have made this place “Us.” It is about family, what better way to ensure that legacy, then to pass it down to the next strong, independent woman raised in this family.

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