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1312 Peninsula Drive • Erie, PA • 16505 • 814-835-8333

When you look for a physician, you look for someone who you can trust, someone you like, who you know is competent. Matt and Mark Catrabone believe you should find the same qualities in the financial advisors that you choose to work with.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you prefer a less hands-on approach, Catrabone, Catrabone & Associates have found that those who are serious about making sound financial decisions have someone at the helm of their financial affairs. The Catrabone brothers see their firm in the role of proactively putting the information and appropriate professionals together, so that their clients don't have to.

Catrabone, Catrabone and Associates (CC&A) is a local financial advisory team, who organizes the financial affairs of select families and businesses they serve.

Just as a physician teams up with specialists to face continuing challenges in a patientís ongoing care, it is the job of CC&A to do the same for a familyís financial affairs. CC&Aís approach ensures that the many dimensions of their clientís financial lives are organized, while working together with all of the necessary professionals, regardless of the course of financial care.

CC&A helps clients plan in a myriad of different ways ... they plan for retirement, cash flow plan, minimize tax exposure, and help business owners with their unique needs. They manage money within risk parameters, oversee the debt side of the ledger sheet, tackle risk management needs, and keep estate plans current. These are a few of their core competencies.

Listening to their clients is paramount. Outside of all of CC&Aís planning and money management, understanding the comprehensive needs of their clients is critical in maintaining their personal and professional relationships. This is accomplished by, often times, extensive, and ongoing conversation.

The amount and the quality of time they spend listening to their clients, so that their clients are confident that they are understood, is CC&Aís mission.

Only then will they know what is most important to their clients, so they can be their leading financial advocate.

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