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At a very young age, Nicholas Scott Sr. was learning the ins and outs of the hospitality industry, washing dishes at his family’s restaurant and working different positions at the hotel. With his work ethic and work experience, he was led to attend Cornell University where he earned a B.S. Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. During his time in college, he learned the concept of franchising, of which he brought home to his father in Erie, PA. For the next 20 years, the Scott’s opened franchised restaurants and outdoor water parks, and eventually building hotels that would locate on Interstate 90.

Today, Nick Sr. keeps Scott Enterprises a family-oriented business with sons, Chris N. Scott and Nick Scott Jr., both Vice Presidents, and daughter, Alison Scott, Executive Marketing Manager, making Scott Enterprises a third-generation company. Together, the family consists of the perfect combination of disciplines and achievements to provide direction for every aspect of the enterprise’s management.

Chris Scott, is a graduate of Penn State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, as well as Spanish. Chris was on the management team that opened their first Applebee’s in Erie, PA, as well as supervised 13 Arby’s franchises in 2 states. With an indoor water park in the works, Chris spent 2 years traveling around the country investigating and researching water parks. He met with architects and designers to develop Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park in Erie, PA and oversaw the construction and project management of the $40 million Water Park and Holiday Inn Express. Currently, Chris Scott is the Vice President of Scott Enterprises alongside his brother and oversees the operations and development of over 25 businesses and approximately 2,500 associates.

Nick Scott Jr., current Vice President of Scott Enterprises, alongside his brother Chris, is an Erie business leader, graduate of the Leadership Erie and is a Young Erie Professionals 2007 Generation-E Leadership award winner. He is known throughout the community and his company for his philanthropy and passion for giving back. He spearheaded the company’s “We Promise to Care” initiative which emphasizes giving back to the community, caring for his employees and caring for his guests. “Giving back to our community and caring for our employees is part of the fabric of our company.”

In northwest Pennsylvania, one name is synonymous with hospitality, entertainment and exceeding guest expectations – Scott Enterprises. A family-owned company based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Scott Enterprises’ prestigious portfolio includes Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort, Peek’n Peak Resort, eight hotels, and 13 different franchised restaurants, as well as the Ambassador Banquet and Conference Center.

The story of Scott Enterprises begins with the founder Christ Skountzos, a Greek immigrant who was sent to “The Promised Land” at age 13 in search of a better life for his family. Shortly after his arrival, Skountzos changed his name to “Chris Scott” and soon found himself working various jobs. He quickly found America to be a land of opportunity, but an opportunity that came with hard work. Chris worked in many different positions including hotels and beauty salons and each proved to be a success with his hard work ethic. He moved to Erie from Minnesota at the suggestion of relatives who had befriended the Pulakos family, owners of a now famous local candy store.

In the mid-1940s, he opened Scott’s Restaurant and, in the early 1950s, Scott’s Motel after seeing the need for hotel accommodations for summer tourists at Presque Isle State Park. Chris did not have enough money to build his first hotel, so he built one free-standing unit. The risk turned out to be a milestone in the history of the Scott Family, as the bank bought into the idea of the hotel and granted Chris enough money to build an additional 17 units. From that point forward, with years of hard work and brilliant dedication, the Scott’s soon carved a name for themselves in their small hometown.

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