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1602 Wagner Avenue • Erie, PA • 16510 • 814-898-5000 •

FMC Technologies' measurement solutions business traces its heritage to 1926 when Erie Meter Systems introduced the world's first electric service station gasoline dispenser. When the company was bought by A.O. Smith, this measurement expertise formed the foundation to such technology innovations as the Positive Displacement meter, and later, the turbine meter. Both products are known throughout the oil and gas industry as the global standards for custody transfer measurement.

The company is consistently recognized by Fortune magazine as The Most Admired Company in their industry and Forbes' list of Most Innovative Companies in America, and FMC Technologies lives up to these titles at every opportunity. “We understand that precision and dependability are crucial factors when it comes to the complexity of the oil and gas industry,” states James Ertl, vice president and general manager.

“With approximately 19,000 employees in thirty manufacturing facilities throughout the world, we are a global leader in the energy industry,” states Carol Nicotra, communications manager. “We are a global company providing opportunities for people to relocate to any of our operations worldwide. We foster an environment of innovation and seek break-through ideas through our world-class test center and advanced technological offerings,” adds Ertl. “This factor enables us to bring qualified individuals to Erie and to develop and retain them throughout the course of their career. There are endless career opportunities available with FMC Technologies. If you are willing to invest your time with us — we are willing to invest our time in you.”

For over a decade, FMC Technologies has collaborated with Penn State Erie, The Behrend College to grow their valuable internship program. In conjunction with the college, they also invested $500,000 in developing a Design Center, which supports their growth plan. “This opportunity gives us the ability to mentor prospective employees through the assistance of our veteran staff,” states Ertl. “We can invest in young students and help build highly qualified individuals with a variety of skill sets.”

The success of the Design Center is a reflection on FMC Technologies' dedication to our community. The program also gives the company a local source pool full of prospective future hires, securing the strong future of FMC Technologies.

“FMC Technologies has lived by a set of core values that define who we are, shape our behavior, and set us apart from others in the industry,” says James Ertl. “Our core values reflect a commitment to quality and customer success. We put you first, and keep you ahead.”


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