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3058 West 22nd Street • Erie, PA • 16506 • 814-878-5509 •

HaVACo Technologies Inc., the newest business venture of The Plastek Group's Joe Prischak, is following the classic definition of a successful business: identifying a need and filling it.

Since incorporating in June 2012, HaVACo has been busy converting HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) components that are currently made of tin — into plastic — by designing and constructing the plastic molds to produce them.

“HVAC installers don't like working with tin parts because they're usually sharp and can cut their hands and fingers easily and increase the working man's comprehensive insurance rates immensely. Tin is also prone to corrosion and mildew,” Prischak explains. “In the southern states especially, it's not unusual to have to replace tin HVAC components every 10 years or so, due to the rust and corrosion.”

In contrast, the high-impact plastic construction of HTI's parts will resist rust, mold, and mildew; retard fire; and can last close to 100 years, according to Prischak. “Tin components have to be hand-made by tinsmiths, which can be rather pricey as labor costs continue climbing,” Prischak explains. “While the plastic molds can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, once a plastic mold is built it can produce millions of parts relatively inexpensively and very precisely. Since our plastic components are designed to be installer-friendly, they're much quicker and easier to install, saving time and money.”

HaVACo currently offers products like start collars, wyes, ceiling vents, and reducers, but has identified hundreds of various other HVAC components in need of conversion. The company is presently producing from at least 40 different molds to make these new parts available soon.

“We envision HaVACo to be a strong growth company,” says Prischak, “and we hope to become a major employer in the Erie area.”

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