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2340 East 38th Street • Erie, PA • 16510 • 814-825-2727 •

Terri Carter owns and operates The Original Breakfast Place. She was recently nominated for “Businesswoman of the Year” from the National Association of Professional and Executive Women—receiving so many nominations that the organization will honor her in both 2013 and 2014 with the award.

How did you get started in the restaurant business?

Aside from being something that I excelled in, the restaurant business is always something that I thoroughly enjoyed. My friend, Carol, and I used to run the kitchen at the Knights of St. John during bingo nights. She was 13 years old and I was 12. We would take a grocery cart to Erie County Farms, when it was on West 26th Street, to the bread store, and then to the Knights of St. John. We worked three nights a week making all of the food. I passion for the restaurant industry, I could not imagine doing anything else. As challenging and demanding as the industry is, it is so rewarding seeing the smiles on my customers faces and knowing that my life work has lead me to where I am today.

Do you still work with Carol?

Carol who now has a career in the banking industry, still works with us on the weekends at The Original Breakfast Place. We've been friends since I was 2 years old, when we were next-door neighbors. She is one of our biggest supporters, and to this day we still live just blocks away from each other.

Talk about working with your daughter, Kaycee.

There is no love like that of a mother and daughter. Like all mother daughter relationships, we too do not always see eye-to-eye. It warms my heart to watch her grow and excel in the business. She and I have had the opportunity to learn and grow together as well. Having her at my side also gives me more time to spend with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter.

I hear you are famous for your homemade Greek sauce and fabulous meatballs. Tell me about those.

I can't take credit for those. My brother, who works as my prep cook, makes both the sauce and the meatballs. The Greek sauce is his recipe. We make Greek dogs and Greek burgers, and sell “six-packs to go.” The meatballs are part of our Italiano Omelet.

The Original Breakfast Place is located between Mercyhurst University and Penn State Behrend. Do you get a lot of college students in the restaurant?

Yes, we do. The college kids have been wonderful. They come in to do their homework, and when their parents are in town for a visit, they bring them into the restaurant. They are here so regularly that they become like family—so much that we get sad when they graduate and move away. We sponsor most of their activities and events at school. They are genuinely great kids, and often stop in to say “hello” when they come back to town.

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