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2800 West 21st Street • Erie, PA • 16506 • 814-833-4364 •

We Mean Business! Walker Properties is the widely respected owner and developer of EBCO Park and United Business Center, both conveniently located in Erie, PA. Known for quality and for professional office and warehouse locations that are competitively priced, Walker Properties has been leasing office and warehouse space to Erie businesses for over 50 years.

EBCO Park has served as Northwest Pennsylvania's home for small companies for more than 56 years. Its history started in 1957, when at the urging of his father Everett D. Walker, Bill Walker built a 40,000 square foot building as the new manufacturing site for the Erie Burial Case Company. Erie Burial Case, a casket manufacturing business, had been purchased by the Walker family in 1904 and was located at 857 East 9th Street, Erie. The move to the new west side location offered many opportunities. As the Erie Burial Case Company grew, so did EBCO Park. New buildings were being built within the three city block wide site and tenants like American Sterlizer, Lord Corporation, Yates Plastics, Seaway Aluminum and Boldt Machinery all called EBCO Park home for their business location. EBCO Park was soon touted as Erie's first light industrial park.

In the late 70's and 80's, the economy was changing within the Erie community. Gone were the large manufacturing tenants; and vacant buildings throughout Erie were quite prevalent. EBCO Park was no exception. It too had vacant space to fill. In the midst of this era, Bill's eldest son Everett, aka “Rett,” was graduating from business college. Bill invited him to join the real estate management business and shortly thereafter, in 1978, the Erie Burial Case Company was sold. The father and son team could now concentrate solely on their real estate management holdings and what lay ahead: a new vision for EBCO Park.

“Incubator space” was the new buzzword. There were new, small, entrepreneurial companies that were starting and EBCO Park wanted to make sure they could meet their needs. Bill, Rett and the crew at Walker Real Estate had their work cut out for them. They took on the extensive task of remodeling the building and grounds of EBCO Park - all in an effort to meet the emerging demands of Erie's changing business landscape. With change, EBCO Park could offer a place to grow and flourish to even the smallest of companies.

Smaller offices and warehouses, or a combination of both, seemed to fit the need. Tool and die companies, high tech research companies, educational trade schools, non-profits and numerous local entrepreneurs found their start in EBCO Park. The competitive rentals along with shared amenities such as conference rooms, deluxe vending areas, loading docks and forklift allowed small companies to enjoy the benefits usually found in larger business environments. It was a new concept and it seemed to work. Now, instead of six large tenants as previously known, upwards of 80 smaller tenants filled EBCO Park.

Today, “Flex space” is the new term that best describes EBCO Park. With six buildings comprising approximately 160,000 square feet of office and warehouse space, numerous “flexible” options exists for the variety of businesses and individuals who work here. The park-like setting provides a relaxed atmosphere complimented by well-maintained properties. Clean, attractive offices and warehouses, competitive rentals and easy lease terms make doing business in EBCO Park a pleasure.

Please stop by, call or visit at to view the various properties owned and managed by Walker Properties.

You'll understand why they say,
“We Mean Business!”

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