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Millcreek Mall • Erie, PA • 16565 • 814-868-8969 •

Selling sports memorabilia and apparel is something Sports Obsession owner, Brian Bowers, takes seriously. As seriously as Ali did when he prepared for a Frazier bout. Bowers, who says he himself is obsessed with playing and watching sports, puts himself in the fan's shoes when running his store, located in the Millcreek Mall Complex.

“A lot of people say they love our store because we have stuff that they can't find anywhere else,” Bowers says. He originally worked two jobs, a full-time job as well as selling baseball cards and other sports items. But the side business went so well that he and his wife Deborah Bowers opened a store — then called NASCAR Obsession - inside the Millcreek Mall in 2004, where they have been ever since.

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