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Now you see it; now you don't. After the pioneering era of nineteenth century Erieite and world-famous illusionist, Harry Kellar, appears today's modern day Renaissance man and dramatizer of the extraordinary, Erie's own, Bobby Borgia.

By age six, Bobby was fascinated by the mystery behind the magic. And at the age of 15, he had the opportunity to meet Harry Kellar's niece, who gave him insight into the legendary family and some of Kellar's personal letters. Harry Kellar, known as the “Dean of American Magicians,” was once considered the most elaborate stage illusionist of his time.

Kellar is best known for his spectacular form of levitation, in which he made a girl mysteriously rise up from a couch, float across stage, and then disappear. Even Harry Houdini idolized Kellar, and his influence can be seen in Bobby Borgia's mind-blowing work.

Known as a magician, illusionist, television host, creative consultant and technical advisor, Borgia has also designed and created incredible illusions for some of today's top musicians, including Destiny's Child, Brian McKnight, K-Ci & JoJo, and Boyz II Men. In addition to his own performances, he has made appearances on The Disney Channel and a variety of television shows such as “Masters of Illusion,” ABC's “The Greatest Magic of Las Vegas,” and NBC's “The Pretender.”

Bobby Borgia has studied all over the world — from Quantum Physics to Kabbalah to the mysteries of the unexplained. Bobby's successful 25-year career can be greatly attributed to his knowledge of magic and skills as an engineer of jaw dropping illusions. And his talent and skill are always accompanied by his charismatic charm and tasteful humor. Borgia has had the opportunity to span the globe, from Asia to Europe, Erie to Las Vegas, and even Hollywood's world famous Magic Castle.

“I have been lucky enough to travel and perform in over 72 countries around the world,” says Borgia. “People are constantly asking me what my favorite place has been. The answer is quite simple; it's at home, in Erie. I have a great deal of respect for everyone in Erie that helped me along the way, including the Scotts, Jim Cook, Jackie George, my family and many others. I really appreciate the Erie Times going out on a limb and offering up great publicity for me from such a young age. I am grateful for where I've come from and for what the future has in store.” Now you see it.

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